The open Window Project

The Moreans art center's assistant curator, Melissa yungbluth contacted me - along with other artists to to take part of their newest project - to put local art in the windows of the moreans art center. Its a pretty good idea and when i found out a few of the other artists that were asked to participate it got even better, it seems they are going for the groundbreaking - the interesting the out of the norm so with that said i created this - 

look for it in one of there many windows facing central along with work from Reid Jenkins, Derek Donnelly and others - starting july 12th 

Moreans also has a series of art meetups planned -that seem alot like what we try to do on wednesdays but with a big institution behind them - 


Sarah Thee Campagna AKA Cyber craft gave me an old "enter" sign a few weeks back as she was cleaning her orbiting cyber craft robot production facility. It was a pretty cool wooden sign that needed something painted on it. 

It measures 48x18 and is a mixed media painting using everything from sharpies from spray paint. 

I am quite pleased with the finished product - and half of me wants to keep it for myself but im sure it will be posted on the site for sale.  and here's the finished product : 

To check out some of the awesome MRS. CyBER CRAFT"S awesome robot creations see 

Art show at regions/ second saturday art walk 5-10

last night i was honored to have my work shown at a local Regions bank located just among the thriving art district of the 600 block.  Two of m works have sold ( maybe more in the coming days) which are featured below 

"Chun-LI"  mixed media  canvas   


mixed media



"Radeo"  Mixed media   canvas


Mixed media 


After the show I took a short walk and found myself surrounded by art taking place, from murals to live paintings and closing receptions for shows. It was a reminder that this IS an artistic community where things happen- constantly and even more awe inspiring with each day. 

 The following gallery documents m exploits. (click through) 

Wednesday Art Meet ups, St. Pete

For years now almost unbeknownst to the teaming life in this city there has been a weekly gathering of St. pete's most notable and brightest creative entities. Together all artist of any medium come together in pursuit of community, exposure, networking or the company of those that also inspire. Here you are accepted, and welcomed to paint live or just drink and laugh and smile, share stories or bitch about the pitfalls of your craft. 

Artists have sold their work right of their easels with paint still wet, painted on motorcycles parked on sidewalks and carved alien babies out of coconuts, and probably everything in between. And yes sometimes the crowd shrivels or expands with either more or less artists participating all dependent on factors or events which can not be determined, but there is always at least a few people with a sketchbook tucked under their arm or a paintbrush resting behind their ear, waiting for others to join. And es it is a popular notion that artists thrive in solitude and brood alone in dark studios or basements or are just to damn eccentric weird or whatever, that the don't keep the company of other artists, but i say fuck all of that- for most of us here we owe most of of our opportunities to each other, for the fellow artist that shared with us an opportunity to show our work somewhere, or encouraged us to do more- and this weekly event is an expression of that 'togertherness."

Or if you like it is an excuse to get out and paint, so do it ;p 

The following slide show will explain it better than i ever could 

A John Taormina Birthday Potlatch Raffle-Rama

Come out to the Oleson gallery this saturday (april 26th) for John Taormina;s birthday  art madness. John is a staple of the art world at least in our humble but explosive corner. He is a man that is often behind, either directly  or indirectly , some of the most awe inspiring shows, events, or influxes this city has ever seen. 

Tickets are ten dollars each - and for that you get a real chance to walk out the door with one if his original artworks plus there will be bands booze and all the usual manner of mayhem. 

doors open at seven but im sure if you bang loudly  enough someone will let you in earlier. 


I have been lucky to have had the chance to make a few murals lately. all in all each one was an awesome experience and a chance to paint big - which i fucking love ;p If you want a mural for your home or office please feel free to contact me -